Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I make my living trading with the patrons of the Forsaken Inn. Or rather, I used to, until the goblins arrived! Their presence strikes fear into our suppliers and has made trade impossible. Sadly, that doesn't remove my obligation to Ollie Redbrush, my employer in Bree-town!

'A vale beneath the ruins of Minas Eriol, southeast of the Forsaken Inn, contains the coins and heirlooms I need, and more! Wolves inhabit the valley, and Ollie may forgive me the delay if I include some pristine wolf-teeth with the shipment.

'If you assist me in collecting these curiosities, I will ensure that you are paid for the favour! Make your way to the valley beneath Minas Eriol and obtain coins, heirlooms and wolf-teeth for me.'

Falster the Fox, a denizen of the Forsaken Inn, needs assistance acquiring certain curiosities for Ollie Redbrush of Bree.

Coins and heirlooms can be found in the Arnorian rubble located in the valley beneath Minas Eriol, southeast of the Forsaken Inn. Wolves also stalk the valley.

Falster the Fox, a trader working for a Man named Ollie Redbrush, has asked you to collect some old coins and heirlooms for him. Falster wants you to hunt the wolves there for teeth that may help to make up for the delay of his delivery to Ollie Redbrush.


You can also do Candac's Obligation in the same spot.

Related Quests:



You'll find them in this general area.


You're looking for the Arnorian Rubble here.


Falster is in the Forsaken Inn

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