Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You performed so wonderfully in the acquisition of these relics that I think it only fair that you have the job of delivering them!

'My employer awaits the delivery of these relics -- his name is Ollie Redbrush, and you will find him in the armour and weapons shop east of Bree Town Hall. I have placed all the relics in a sack to make the carrying of them easier.

'If you make this delivery, I am sure that Ollie will give you my payment and send you back to me. Upon your return, I will give you a courier's fair wage.'

Falster was pleased with your efforts on his behalf, and now wants the items you collected brought to Ollie Redbrush.

1. Ollie Redbrush is waiting in the armour and weapons shop east of the Bree Town Hall in Bree-town.

Falster placed the relics you collected into a sack and bade you deliver them to Ollie Redbrush.

2. Falster the Fox is in The Forsaken Inn of the Lone-lands, east of Bree.

Ollie Redbrush gave you a meager payment and expressed his displeasure before sending you back to Falster the Fox at The Forsaken Inn.



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Ollie is in Bree


Falster is in the Forsaken Inn

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