Gammy Boggs


Bestowal Dialogue:
'I think you should speak with Falco again. Maybe those mysterious trespassers are responsible for ruining his poor garden!

'His farm is south-west of here. Quickly, return to him and tell him what you learned.

'I hope the old fool will be more helpful to you this time.'

Falco's garden is failing for an unknown reason, distressing the people of Staddle.

1. Falco's farm lies south-west of Gammy Boggs' farm.

Gammy Boggs has suggested you speak with Falco Greenhand again and tell him of the mysterious trespassers that were seen near his garden.

2. Constable Bolger's house is located south-east of Falco Greenhand's farm.

Confronted with the truth, Falco Greenhand has confessed that he made an underhanded bargain with ruffians. He has asked you to speak with Constable Bolger and warn him that the brigands are coming to burn the town

3. Falco Greenhand's farm lies north-west of Constable Bolger's home.

You and Constable Bolger have defeated the Blackwold brigands who had planned to burn the town of Staddle. Falco will be glad that you have succeeded.


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