Level: 10

Start:Gammy Boggs


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Maybe you can talk to some of the other Staddle-folk and see if they know anything about what is happening to Falco's garden? Someone surely knows something that might help!

'You can find them keeping watch over their own farms here in Staddle.

'We need to find out what is happening to Falco's garden since he will not tell us.'

Falco's garden is failing for an unknown reason, causing distress among the people of Staddle.

1. The people of Staddle can be found tending and watching over their farms or in the centre of Staddle.

Gammy Boggs has recommended that you speak to some of the Staddle-folk to learn what happened to Falco's garden.

2. Gammy Boggs is on the second farm north of the road near the Staddle farms.

The knowledge you gained from the people of Staddle will be of great interest to Gammy Boggs, the town gossip.

There are 4 people to talk to in total. Three of them are in Staddle town center. The last is Lily Underhill

Related Quests:
Concern For A Friend

Fixing Falcos Folly



Lily Underhill


Gammy Boggs

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