Edhellond is a point of interest in the  Havens of Belfalas. It is inhabited largely by corsairs was introduced with Update 14.


Edhellond was located on the Blackroot River near the point where it was joined by the Ringlo. The Blackroot then emptied into Cobas Haven, a small inlet on the Bay of Belfalas. Edhellond was about 50 miles north of Dol Amroth, also located on Cobas Haven. Edhellond was in the land of Gondor, but it was under the control of Elves. The site where Edhellond was founded was originally inhabited by fisher-folk, but they fled to the White Mountains when the Elves arrived. The Elf haven was established by Sindarin Elves. There are differing accounts of when the Elves arrived. They may have come in three ships from Beleriand after the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest were destroyed by Morgoth's forces in the year 473 of the First Age. Or the Elves may have come at the beginning of the Second Age from the Grey Havens, where they had learned the craft of shipbuilding before seeking a place of their own.

The Sindarin Elves were soon joined by some Silvan Elves, or Wood-elves. These Wood-elves came down the Anduin from the forests on either side of the Great River called Greenwood and Lothlorien. They left their forest homes because they longed for the Sea.

From Edhellond, Elves could sail to the Undying Lands. Some Elves departed from Edhellond after Eregion was destroyed by Sauron in 1697 of the Second Age. According to one story, Galadriel came to live for a time on the coast of the Bay of Belfalas because she was filled with Sea-longing, but she remained in Middle-earth.

Over time, the population of Edhellond diminished as many of the Elves who lived there departed across the Sea. But some remained, building ships and offering passage to those who had become weary of Middle-earth.

In 1981 of the Third Age, King Amroth of Lothlorien came to Edhellond. He had promised to take his lover Nimrodel to the Undying Lands, but he had become separated from her on the journey south. When Amroth arrived, the few remaining Elves of Edhellond - less than a shipload - were preparing their last ship to depart from Middle-earth. Though they were reluctant to delay, the Elves of Edhellond agreed to wait a few weeks for Nimrodel, but she did not come.

In the autumn, a great storm came out of the north and swept the ship out into the Bay of Belfalas. Amroth leaped overboard in an attempt to return to land, and he was drowned. But the ship survived and continued its voyage across the Sea, and with it went the last of the Elves of Edhellond.

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