Level: 20

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Lone Lands

Start: Hunulf Munce

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My brother and I agree that you are a proven ally, Stip. Though there is much to do here in Annunlos, I would ask that you find your way to the east. There are others of my kind who will want to speak with you.

'Where Nain Enidh meets Talath Gaun, look to the north, for there you will find Ost Guruth, the home of the Eglain. Our people are not accustomed to visitors, and they will not treat with you in a manner to which you are used. Do not be deterred by their hesitance. They are unused to outsiders, but they have need of adventurers willing to help with the troubles of those in need.

'Speak to Frideric the Elder and tell him of the deeds you have performed on behalf of Hunulf Munce and his brother Gadaric, and Frideric will explain the threat facing our people.'

Hunulf and Gadaric Munce agree that your efforts have aided their people, and they believe you should meet with their leader.

The ruins of Ost Guruth lie near the Great East Road, where Nain Enidh meets Talath Gaun.

Hunulf Munce, convinced you could be of great assistance to his people, has asked you to go to the home of the Eglain, Ost Guruth, and speak with Frideric the Elder.



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Wise, Old Frid

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