Level: 25

Difficulty: Group

Location: Lone Lands

Start: Old Mugwort

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Once you have finished this last errand, the wargs will no longer be a threat to travellers along the Great East Road. I just know it!

'There is a signpost on the road through Nain Enidh, and a path near this signpost winds southward. If you follow the path as it slopes into a mild depression to the southwest, you will arrive at a stone structure, like an ancient table or a flat section of ruin. Bring the gruel I have prepared to that table and pour some of it onto the stone.

'I am certain that the leader will come running to the food, thinking it the cooking of some foolish Elf! When you have slain the creature, come back here. You'll probably want to take some friends with you. I'd wager that the odds of the warg-leader coming to the stone alone are very slim.'

While you hunted the wargs of Nain Enidh, Mugwort prepared a special meal for their leader. All that remains to ease passage along the Great East Road is to draw this leader out of hiding and into battle.

1. The stone table where you should pour Mugwort's gruel is at the end of a southward path near a signpost on the road through Nain Enidh.

Old Mugwort asked you to take the special gruel he prepared to an ancient stone near the lair of the wargs. The stench of it should draw forth their leader. He also suggested you take friends, for the warg-leader might not come alone.

2. Old Mugwort is at the Forsaken Inn.

After drawing Shadepaw's pack into the open, you defeated the warg-leader. Old Mugwort will want to hear of your victory.


I did this at level with one other person. So, even though it says that it's a group quest, I think it can probably be done with just two people.

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