Level: 25

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Esteldin

Start: Mincham

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I must tell you that the tidings you bring could not be worse, unless the Nine themselves had come to Fornost. You must go at once to Esteldín and speak with Halbarad, who commands there in the name of our chieftain, Aragorn.

'Inform Halbarad of what you learned from that shade and say, too, that I believe this is dire news for all the North Downs. Esteldín is a far distance from here. Follow the road which runs east from the Greenway, through Amon Raith, crossing the river at the ruins of Ost Lagoros. The ruins where Esteldín lies hidden are due east of Gatson's farm.

'Esteldín is the hidden refuge of my people. I charge you not to speak of it to any but my kindred.'

Mincham is greatly disturbed by your report of the Oathbreaker's invocation of the name Amarthiel, though he has not confided the reasons for his concern.

Esteldín is reached by travelling along the road east from the Greenway, passing Amon Raith and crossing the river at the ruins of Ost Lagoros. The ruins where Esteldín lies are due east of Gatson's Farm.

Mincham has asked you to go to Esteldín to speak to the Ranger Halbarad, the leader of his people in the absence of their chieftain, Aragorn.



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