Level: 44

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'My brothers and I thirst for vengeance, yet we cannot agree how to take it, save that we all agree on the need for revenge! Our kin were slain by the Ongbúrz Orcs, who serve the evil Men of Carn Dûm.

'I say go into their lairs and slay them, one and all. The Ongbúrz came from a cave north of Aughaire, it's just east of Dûn Covád.

'Will you do this for me?'

Torquil and his brothers Machar and Eilig are seeking vengeance against Orc-raiders who slew their kin.

1. The lair of the Ongbúrz is just east of Dûn Covád, north of Aughaire.

Torquil, seeking vengeance for the deaths of his kin, has asked you to slay the Orc-raiders in their caves.

2. Torquil is back at Aughaire, south of Dûn Covád.

You have slain many Orcs and should now return to Torquil to claim your reward.



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Non-Instanced dungeon, Morfil

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