The LoremasterEdit

And lo, he wore cloth all his days, and never saw the inside of a breastplate.
-Not from The Two Towers.

A keeper of ancient lore and otherwise lost knowledge, the Lore-master uses his knowledge of the lesser and greater powers of the world around him to stave off the advances of the shadow for a time, and to treat the wounds and suffering of his companions. In dire need he can use this knowledge to hurt his foes; but this task being extremely difficult, a wise Lore-master would rarely attempt it.

The Lore-master will be the class of choice for the player that enjoys using the power of ancient lore to aid their allies and hinder their foes. Steeped in the histories of Middle-earth Lore-masters are able to aid their fellows in recovering from maladies caused by the forces of the Dark Lord. They can also use their knowledge to daze, harm, or hinder their enemies, as well as give of themselves to strengthen another. Some Lore-masters are even said to be able to communicate with animals and request their aid. A Lore-master's combat style is anchored in the power of knowledge and using it intelligently to defeat evil.

Available To Man, Elf

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Pets, and you can name them!
  • Minor morale healing and condition removal.
  • Damage from range and great AOE debuffs.


  • Limited to Light Armor and Staves, with the exception of a Legendary Trait.
  • Can't take much direct damage.
  • Mediocre at best in melee.
  • Can easily steal aggro in groups, which may cause trouble.

Basic Female Elf LoremasterEdit

Elf female loremaster

Loremaster SkillsEdit

A Loremaster's skills are great for slowing and weakening groups of enemies. With her trusty pet at her side, she can handle more than one enemy and keep them in check. Her melee damage isn't as great as the other classes but enough to get the job done if she can weaken enemies from afar.
* Loremaster Skills and Traits

Loremaster Solo TacticsEdit

Needs more bears.

Loremaster Group TacticsEdit

Stay in the middle and keep your frickin' head down.

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