Explorer Deeds

Name Task Reward
The Farms of the Shire Find Dora Brownlock's Farm, Bamfurlong, Old Odo's Leaf-farm, South Fields, Appledores, Puddifoot's Fields Tolerance+1
The Sights of the Shire Find The Party Tree, Methel-stage, Stocktower, The Quarry, The Bridgefields Wall, The Great Willow Fidelity +1

Reputation Deeds

Name Task Reward
Life of a Bounder Complete 15 quests in the Shire. Compassion+1
Life of a Bounder (Advanced) Complete 40 quests in the Shire. Empathy+1
Life of a Bounder (Final) Complete 75 quests in the Shire. Innocence+2
No Place for Spoiled Pies Recover the spoiled pies from Brockenborings, Budgeford, Bywater, Frogmorton, Hobbiton, Little Delving, Michel Delving, Needlehole, Scary, Stock, Tuckborough, Woodhall Patience+1
Restoring the Quick Post Deliver mail throughout the Shire. Patience+1
Shire Brew-master Aid Carlo Blagrove, Barmy Rootknot and Gerd Whitfoot, Ponto Hopsbloom, Gunderic Grubb, Halson Tubwort Title: Shire Brewmaster

Slayer Deeds

Name Task Reward
Brigand-slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 brigands in the Shire. Justice+1
Brigand-slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 brigands in The Shire. Title: Bounders-friend
Goblin-slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 goblins in the Shire. Valour+1
Goblin-slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 goblins in the Shire. Title: Protector of the Shire
Harvest-fly Slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 Harvest-flies in the Shire. Fortitude+1
Harvest-fly Slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 harvest-flies in the Shire. Title: Crop-saviour
Slug-slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 slugs in the Shire. Determination+1
Slug-slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 slugs in the Shire. Title: Slug-squasher
Spider-slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 spiders in the Shire. Honour+1
Spider-slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 spiders in the Shire. Title: Spider-sting
Wolf-slayer (Advanced) (Shire) Defeat 60 wolves in the Shire. Discipline+1
Wolf-slayer (Shire) Defeat 30 wolves in the Shire. Title: Fur-cutter

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