Explorer Deeds

Name Task Reward
Defences of the Lone-lands Find Barad Iachiant, Ost Laden, The Lornspan, Mithrenost, Thandobel, Ost Cyrn, Naerost, Amon Ros, Ost Guruth Fidelity+1
Weathertop Exploration Find Echad Sul, Weatherfoot, Glumhallow, Weathertop Wisdom+1

Reputation Deeds

Name Task Reward
Tales of the Lonely Road Complete 15 quests in Lone-lands. Charity+1
Tales of the Lonely Road (Advanced) Complete 30 quests in Lone-lands. Compassion+1
Tales of the Lonely Road (Final) Complete 45 quests in Lone-lands. Idealism+2

Slayer Deeds

Name Task Reward
Goblin-slayer (Advanced) (Lone-lands) Defeat 120 goblins in Lone-lands. Valour+1
Goblin-slayer (Lone-lands) Defeat 60 goblins in Lone-lands. Title: Goblin-hewer
Orc-slayer (Advanced) (Lone-lands) Defeat 120 Orcs in Lone-lands. Valour+1
Orc-slayer (Lone-lands) Defeat 60 Orcs in Lone-lands. Title: Champion of the Lone-lands

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