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Name Sources Users Vendor Price
Agate Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Ale Yeast Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Amethyst Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Ancient Iron Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Ancient Iron Ore Ancient Iron Node Prospector
Ancient Iron Oxide Ancient Iron Node Craft:Scholar
Ancient Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Ash Wood Forester Forester
Ball of Twine Vendor Craft:Woodworker 2s 40c
Barrow-Iron Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Barrow-Iron Ore Barrow-Iron Node Craft:Prospector
Black Ash Wood Craft:Forester Craft:Forester
Blackberries Craft:Farmer,Expert Cook Craft:Cook 48c
Blackberry Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Bloodstone Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Blueberries Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Blueberry Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Boiled Exceptional Leather Craft:Forester Craft:Tailor
Boiled Light Leather Craft:Forester Craft:Tailor
Boiled Medium Leather Craft:Forester Craft:Tailor
Boiled Pristine Leather Craft:Forester Craft:Tailor
Boiled Sturdy Leather Craft:Forester Craft:Tailor
Bolt of Linen Cloth Novice Tailor Craft:Tailor 2s 40c
Bolt of Rough Cloth Novice Tailor Craft:Tailor 1s 60c
Bronze Ingot Prospector Metalsmith,Weaponsmith
Bushel of Fair Golding Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Fair Green Onions Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Fair North Downs Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Fair Oats Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Fair Spring Barley Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Poor Golding Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Poor Green Onions Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Poor North Downs Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Poor Oats Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Bushel of Poor Spring Barley Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Cabbage Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Cabbage Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Carrot Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Cauliflower Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Chalk Vendor Craft:Scholar 1s 84c
Chicken Egg Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Clay Pot Vendor Craft:Cook 60c
Clean Barghest Tail Drop Craft:Tailor
Coal Vendor Craft:Prospector 2s 64c
Coarse Flour Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Common Mushroom Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 24c
Coney Vendor Craft:Cook 60c
Copper Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Copper Ore Copper Node Craft:Prospector
Copper Salts Craft:Prospector Craft:Scholar
Dirty Bat Claw Drop Craft:Tailor
Dragonsbreath Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Dwarf-Iron Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Dwarf-Iron Ore Dwarf-Iron Node Craft:Prospector
Dwarf-Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Eagle's Nest Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Elven-Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Exceptional Hide Drop Craft:Forester
Fertilizer Vendor Craft:Farmer 4c
Fine Seasonings Vendor Craft:Cook 2s 40c
Fresh Butter Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Fresh Carrot Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 24c
Fresh Cream Vendor Craft:Cook 3s 56c
Gamwich Braid Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Gold Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Gold Ore Gold Node Craft:Prospector
Golden Shire Taters Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Golding Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Golding Hops Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Green Onion Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Green Onions Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Hearty Stock Expert Cook Craft:Cook 48c
High-Grade Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Honey Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Hornblower Seed Drop,Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Lager Yeast Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Lamb Bones Vendor Craft:Cook 1s 20c
Lamb Kidney Vendor Craft:Cook 1s 20c
Lard Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Leather Bindings Craft:Tailor Craft:Tailor
Leather Brace Craft:Tailor Craft:Tailor
Leather Guard Craft:Tailor Craft:Tailor,Metalsmith
Leather Pads Craft:Tailor Craft:Tailor
Lebethron Wood Craft:Forester Craft:Forester
Lengalenas Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Lengalenas Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 15c
Light Hide Drop Craft:Forester
Longbottom Leaf Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Low-Grade Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Medium Hide Drop Craft:Forester
Misty Mountain Silver Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Misty Mountain Silver Ore Misty Mountain Silver Node Craft:Prospector
Muddy Foot Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Mushroom Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
North Downs Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
North Downs Hops Seed Vendor Craft:Farmer 4c
Oat Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Oats Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Old Toby Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Onion Skins Craft:Farmer Craft:Scholar
Opal Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Platinum Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Platinum Ore Platinum Node Craft:Prospector
Polished Adamant Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Agate Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Amethyst Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Beryl Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Bloodstone Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Opal Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Ruby Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Polished Sapphire Craft:Jeweller Craft:Jeweller
Poor Lengalenas Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Poor Stonecrop Leaf Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Poor Summer Green-weed Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Pork Shank Vendor Craft:Cook 24c
Prepared Golding Hops Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 4
Prepared North Downs Hops Craft:Cook Craft:Cook 4c
Pristine Hide Drop Craft:Forester
Raspberries Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 48c
Raspberry Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Raw Pork Sausage Vendor Craft:Cook 60c
Rhubarb Vendor,Environment Craft:Cook 24c
Rich Iron Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
Rich Iron Ore Rich Iron Node Craft:Prospector
Roper's Twist Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Rowan Wood Forester Forester,Woodworker
Ruby Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Runic Striking Symbol Novice Jeweller Craft:Jeweller 2s 40c
Runic Vanquishing Symbol Vendor Craft:Jeweller 2s 40c
Rushlight Seed Drop, Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Salt Vendor Craft:Cook 2s 44c
Sapphire Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Savory Seasonings Vendor Craft:Cook 3s 56c
Sharp Cheese Vendor Craft:Cook 2s 40c
Shire Apple Vendor Craft:Cook 2s 40c
Shire Seasonings Craft:Farmer,Expert Cook Craft:Cook 60c
Sienna Tin Node Craft:Scholar
Silver Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Silver Ore Silver Node Craft:Prospector
Small Wight Barrow Treasure Drop Craft:Jeweller
Southern Star Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Southlinch Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Spool of Fine Thread Novice Tailor Craft:Tailor 2s 40c
Spring Barley Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Spring Barley Mash Craft:Cook Craft:Cook 4c
Spring Barley Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Stonecrop Leaf Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Stonecrop Leaf Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 15c
Strawberries Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 48c
Strawberry Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Sturdy Hide Drop Craft:Forester
Summer Green-weed Plants Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Summer Green-weed Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 15c
Sweet Galenas Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Sweet Lobelia Seed Craft:Farmer,Drop Craft:Farmer
Tater Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook
Tater Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Tighfield Choice Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Tin Ore Tin Node Craft:Prospector
Tough Leather Pads Craft:Tailor Craft:Tailor
Treated Ash Craft:Forester Craft:Woodworker 24c
Treated Black Ash Craft:Forester Craft:Woodworker 24c
Treated Lebethron Craft:Forester Craft:Woodworker 24c
Treated Rowan Craft:Forester Craft:Woodworker 24c
Treated Yew Craft:Forester Craft:Woodworker 24c
Umber Tin Node Craft:Scholar
Uncooked Bacon Vendor Craft:Cook 1s 20c
Uncooked Chicken Vendor Craft:Cook 2s 40c
Uncooked Pork Chops Vendor Craft:Cook 1s 20c
Vegetable Oil Vendor Craft:Cook 60c
Water Vendor Craft:Cook 4c
Westernesse Steel Ingot Craft:Prospector Metalsmith,Craft:Weaponsmith
White Gold Ingot Craft:Prospector Craft:Jeweller
Wizard's Fire Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer
Yellow Onion Craft:Farmer Craft:Cook 24c
Yellow Onion Seed Craft:Farmer Craft:Farmer 4c
Yew Wood Craft:Forester Craft:Forester

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