Armour for protecting the back, i.e. cloaks.

Name Src Lvl Arm Mrl Pwr Agi Fate Might Vit Will Other Dur Sell
Fine Linen Cloak Tailor 16 42 6 Tough/40 2s 80c
Heavy Cloth Cloak Tailor 7 18 10.0 Normal/40 90c
Heavy Quilted Cloak Tailor 10 23 4 Normal/40 1s 17c
Linen Cloak Tailor 16 35 6 Normal/40 1s 71c
Quilted Cloak Tailor 10 19 Tough/40 98c
Rough Cloth Cloak Tailor 7 15 Normal/40 75c
Stout Cloth Cloak Tailor 7 22 10.0 Tough/40 1s 50c
Stout Quilted Cloak Tailor 10 28 4 Tough/40 1s 95c
Thick Quilted Cloak Tailor 10 23 4 Tough/40 1s 17c
Tough Cloth Cloak Tailor 7 18 10.0 Tough/40 90c

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