Bestowal Dialogue:
'So, young Torquil believes that a few orc corpses will satisfy the misdeeds against our bloodline does he? Bah. He has always been a simpleton.

'The numbers of the orcs are like grains of sand upon the sea, and they care not at all for the loss of a few of their number -- but their black hearts are full of greed, and it is there that I would stab at them!

'I say, go into their caves and claim weregild for the deaths of my kin. The Orcs are paid in silver by the Angmarim. Collect that silver and bring it back, and perhaps the spirits of my kindred will be appeased. The Orcs value their ill-gotten gains more than their own lives, so expect that they have hidden it away deep within their caves.'

Machar and his brothers Torquil and Eilig are seeking vengeance against Orc-raiders who slew their kin.

The Ongbúrz cave is north of Aughaire, and just south of Dun Covad.

Machar has asked you to steal the silver from the cave from whence murdering Orcs came to slay his kindred, then return to him in Aughaire.



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