Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Brockenborings


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Feeling a bit cooped up here in the Shire, eh? I say you should go to Bree, where the Men dwell. There's bound to be work for an enterprising sort like yourself.

'Head east along the road and you'll reach the gates of Bree before you know it. Stay to the road, mind you. The Bounders don't stray far from the Shire.

'When you reach Bree-town, speak to the Mayor. He's a friendly fellow and might find a use for your talents.'

The time has come for you to venture beyond the borders of the Shire and to find your fortune in the town of Bree.

Travel east along the road to Bree.

The Bounder suggested you might find your fortune in the town of Bree. Speak to the Mayor once you arrive.


Rather than running to Bree, head to Michel Delving and take the Swift Travel horse to West Bree.

Related Quests:



The mayor is in the Bree town hall

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