Level: 45

Difficulty: Epic



Bestowal Dialogue:
'It is a pity that this heart is broken, but there may yet be another path open to us. While you were away, some of the villagers returned from a hunting expedition and told of a ritual being performed at Tór Gailvin, a fortress to the north-east, east of a place called Fail-á-Khro.

'The ritual appears to be related to whatever spell is cast upon these stones to grant them such power, and the sorcerer who is performing the ritual bears with him a stone-heart. If you can interrupt the ritual and slay Tath, you may be able to recover the stone-heart from him.

'Go quickly, for if he is preparing yet another watching-stone, you may not get another chance!'

While the stone-heart you found was cracked and useless, another path still remains open. Corunir has learned of a ritual taking place at the fortress of Tór Gailvin, which may yield a whole heart if interrupted.

Tath is at Tor Gailvin, north-east of Aughaire, east of the Fail-a-Khro.

Corunir has sent you to Tór Gailvin to wrest a stone-heart from a sorcerer of Angmar named Tath.



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Sorcerer Tath

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