Level: 43

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I fear that while the Nazgûl you drove off has fled the Trollshaws, he still schemes to assault Rivendell. To the north and east of Rivendell, there are goblins and worse that he might bend to his will and use against us.

'I would ask that you continue in your pursuit of the Nazgûl and travel into the Misty Mountains. There you may seek the aid of Glóin, who has established a camp at the end of the pass out of Rivendell that leads to the Misty Mountains.

'Go now, for not only the safety of Rivendell is at stake. All of Middle-earth depends on your actions.'

Elrond feels that the Nazgûl you drove off from the Trollshaws has fled into the Misty Mountains. He has asked you to continue your pursuit of the Nazgûl with the aid of Glóin.

Gloin can be found at this camp at the top of the pass that leads from Rivendell into the Misty Mountains.

Elrond suggested that you seek Glóin's aid in the hunt for the Nazgûl



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