Level: 29

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'The Eglain and our Arthedain allies were able to stop Ivar's least for the time being.

'I am needed elsewhere and must bid you farewell for now. Now go, for Elsa wishes to speak to you.'

With the aid of the shades of Arthedain, the Eglain held fast against against Ivar's forces.

1. Speak to Elsa in the camp.

Radagast thanked you for your help and asked you to speak with the Eglain woman named Elsa.

2. The passage to Haragmar lies to the south. Ost Guruth is west of Haragmar.

Elsa gave you a letter to deliver to Frideric requesting supplies for her encampment. She also asked you to deliver a pack to her sister, Hana. Both can be found in Ost Guruth.

3. Frideric abides in the courtyard of Ost Guruth.

Hana was pleased to receive the pack from Elsa, knowing that her sister is watching out for both her and all of the Eglain.



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