Level: 28

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'This land was corrupted by the war which raged here. Blood, much blood, spilled into the springs of the Lady, until all became red, and the springs became a swamp. The Lady, whose name is not remembered, became the Red-maid, a creature lost and corrupt. Ivar the blood-hand came not long ago and awakened her again and claimed power over her. Now Ivar is a greater threat than ever he was.

'Thou must strike against him to restore the balance betwixt Man and Nature. Until the Red-maid be redeemed or destroyed, my brethren and I are doomed to this wretched state.

'The west is where thou must travel to destroy the wight-lord Brudhraw and his soldiers. They serve the Blood-hand and must be destroyed.'

Emelin told you about his failure to protect one of the River-maidens and the curse it brought down upon him and his men. He agreed to help you if you accomplish a task for him.

1. The wights and their Wight-lord may be found west of Ost Haer in Nindor.

Emelin told you that the Gaunt-lord Ivar the Blood-hand raises the wights as his soldiers. You must destroy them and their lord, a wight called Brudhraw.

2. Emelin is at Ost Haer, to the north.

You defeated the wight-lord Brudhraw. Now you should return to the shade called Emelin.



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