Level: 26

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'The land itself is turning against us, and I know not the reason why. Even the shepherds are twisted shadows of their former selves. I speak of the bog-prowlers, those that tend to the trees.

'If I can discern what is twisting the shepherds, I may be able to determine what is fouling the land. Bring me the moss that they use to line their nests. They roam the swamp to the east of here.

'Remember, I do not wish to harm the shepherds, no matter how confused they appear. They are innocent victims of the corruption and know not the harm they do.'

An aura of corruption drew Radagast the Brown to the Red Swamp. He needs help to uncover the source of this corruption.

1. The bog-prowlers wander in Haragmar, east of Ost Guruth.

In order to learn what might be causing the corruption of the swamp, Radagast needs bits of moss from the nests of bog-prowlers.

2. Radagast waits in Ost Guruth, west of Haragmar.

You must return to Radagast the Brown with the moss you collected.



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