Constable Sageford


Bestowal Dialogue:
'After the initial raids, when folk began fleeing for villages like Archet and Staddle, the Blackwolds found they could no longer rely only upon raids to support themselves. They seized Old Bauman's Farm and began tilling the soil, though badly and without care for the land.

'The brigands at the farm must be under the supervision of some Blackwold leader, else they would fall to laziness. If you confront the Blackwolds' leader at the farm, he might know something about this "R.F." fellow. Old Bauman's Farm is deep in the Chetwood, at the end of the eastward path.

'I would appreciate it if you could at least try. There are many folk who would benefit from this.'

Constable Sageford has learned that the Blackwold brigands have been trying to support themselves by working a farm they seized deep in the Chetwood to the east of Combe.

1. Old Bauman's Farm is deep in the Chetwood, at the end of the eastward path.

Constable Sageford believes that if you confront the Blackwolds leader at Old Bauman's farm, you might learn something useful about the mysterious "R.F."

2. Constable Sageford can be found near town centre in Combe, with his fellow constables.

Sageford sent you to confront the leader of the Blackwolds at Old Bauman's farm. You found a receipt signed by a 'Rurik' on the Blackwold's body. Constable Sageford will want to know about this.


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Constable Two-Handed Hammer OR Frayed Cloak

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