Level: 17
Difficulty: Solo
Location: Bree
Start: Dob Sandheaver
Bestowal Dialogue:
Dob Sandheaver outside the Prancing Pony has asked you to search for his pack at the stone hut deep in the Brandywood, far to the north of Buckland

Dob Sandheaver was driven off from his meal by a giant. He has asked you to retrieve his pack for him.


You do not need to fight the giant near the pack, he wanders far enough away. I was actually able to do it while he was just on the other side of the wall, but if you're not feeling lucky, I wouldn't risk that.

Related Quests:

Sandheaver's Hammer

Page's info: ;


You will find Dob Sandheaver's pack here.


A closer view

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