Constable Thistlewool

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Ho, there, (player name). I could use your help. I've a friend, Cal Sprigley, who has a farm outside Archet. With what I've heard about the Blackwolds' threatening attack against Archet, I'm worried that the brigands might bring harm to him and his folk.

'Would you mind speaking with him? You might be able to convince him to come here.

'Cal's farm lies to the south of Bronwe's Folly. Tell him it will be safer for him here in Archet. I only hope he listens to reason!'

Constable Thistlewool is concerned for his friend Cal Sprigley, a farmer on the southern outskirts of Archet. Sprigley's farm is vulnerable to brigand attack.

Deliver Thistlewool's warning to Sprigley and persuade him to return to Archet for his own safety.

Objective 1
Talk to Cal Sprigley
Cal Sprigley's farm can be found to the south of Bronwe's Folly.

Constable Thistlewool has asked you to go to Cal Sprigley's farm and convince Sprigley to bring his family to Archet, where they can be protected from the Blackwolds.

Objective 2
Talk to Constable Thistlewool
Constable Thistlewool can be found near the training grounds in Archet.

Cal Sprigley refused to come to Archet, confident that nothing could drive him off his land. You should return to Constable Thistlewool with the news.

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