Level: 40

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Elrond's hospitality is all well and good, but we tarry here longer than we expected, and I wonder if we begin to overstay our welcome. We brought gifts for the Elves when first we came, but I think perhaps that we have become tiresome guests, eating the Elves out of house and home, as once we did for a certain hobbit....

'Be that as it may, I would find another guest-gift for Elrond. There are great white bears roaming the Misty Mountains to the east and south of here, and I am of a mind to give Elrond a gift of their hides. I wonder if you would help us by hunting these beasts and collecting their hides?'

Glóin thinks that the dwarves may be overstaying their welcome at Rivendell and wishes to renew his guest-gift to Elrond.

Take the north path out of Rivendell and search the Misty Mountains to the east and south for the great white bears.

You have been asked to hunt the great white bears of the Misty Mountains to collect their hides.



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