Level: 19

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'As I investigated the main orcish encampment in the Midgewater Pass, I witnessed a messenger depart in great haste. Quickly I followed, trailing him eastward along the shoulder of the hills and then south, but my search was interrupted. I could follow no further, for foul crebain circled above, and to be discovered would do greater injury to our work here than I can permit.

'Once again, I must call upon your aid. The messenger likely carries with him orders to the outlying camps. If you can intercept the messenger, we may learn the nature of these orders. So armed, we will be better equipped to deal with the orcish threat.

'Search among the orc camps in Glumhallow, to the west, and return to me with the orders this messenger surely possesses.'

Candaith tracked a messenger from the orc encampment in the Midgewater Pass, but was unable to learn what message the orc carried before his hunt was interrupted by winged crebain.

The Orc-messenger is surely at one of the Orc-camps in Glumhallow, west of Candaith's own encampment at the foot of Weathertop.

An orc messenger made his way from the Midgewater Pass to the outlying Orc-camps located throughout the Weather Hills. Candaith asked you to intercept the Orc-messenger and return with the orders he must bear.



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The Messenger spawns hereabouts.