Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Our paths cross again, Stip. There is something I would like to ask of you, a favour that may prove dangerous. Our trades were not limited entirely to Bree-town in the west. We have, in our time, traded with an Elf from the east as well.

'When the raids in the west began we sent some of our kindred eastward to rekindle our trade with the Elf, but they returned after seeing great, lumbering creatures near the road east.

'The creatures did not attack and acted in an intelligent manner. I hope to gather goods for them to offer as a promise of peace with them. If you are willing, I will need meat from the boars roaming the area near the Road and fur from the lynx.'

With the migration of Orcs and goblins to the western Lone-lands, the Eglain attempted to rekindle old trade relations with an Elf from the east. However, they encountered great, lumbering beasts upon the Road and dared not continue forwards.

Boars and lynx wander throughout Nain Enidh, especially near the Great East Road. Frideric resides at the Eglain Ruin-hold of Ost Guruth, north of the Great East Road in the Lone-lands.

Frideric asked you to help him gather a peace offering of boar-haunches and lynx-fur for the strange creatures living near the Last Bridge at the eastern end of the Great East Road.



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