Level: 20


Location: Lone Lands

Start: Daegwalt

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You do not have a dishonourable look about you, not like the evil that drove us from Naerost. My wife was slain in the assault nearly a year hence. Only I survived of my family, lame from an arrow through the leg, unable to visit vengeance upon my wife's murderers.

'Would you help lay my anger to rest and assist me in recovering some of what I lost when the half-breeds raided Naerost? My wife wore a necklace about her neck, an heirloom from her mother and her mother before her. No doubt it was claimed a trophy by the half-breeds. If I had this, I would let my hate pass and find a proper way to mourn.

'Naerost lies to the west of here, just east of Amon Sul.'

Background In the shadow of Amon Sul, at the edge of Nain Enidh, lay an Arnorian ruin. Those ruins afforded the Eglain of Ost Guruth a wealth of material to trade with collectors in Bree-land... until the arrival of half-breeds from the South.


   Objective 1
   Defeat half-orcs in Naerost until you find Markson's Necklace.
   Naerost lives just east of Among Sul, west of Ost Guruth.
   Daegwalt asked that you make your way into the ruins of Naerost and recover the necklace that was taken from his wife, who was slain when the half-rocs raided the ruins.
   Objective 2
   Return to Daegwalt with Markson's Necklace.

Reward 4 Silver Toramath