Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Tuckborough

Start: Pervinca Took

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I need your help! I made a terrible mistake and listened to Isembard and Imbert, my fool cousins. You see, old Adelard is always lecturing us young Tooks on the history of the family, and well, it does get tiring. My cousins decided to play a trick on him and convinced me to sneak away with the latest chapter Adelard wrote for the Yearbook of Tuckborough.

'Now I'm worried about the trouble I'm going to get into! Isembard, though, went out to get the chapter from where he hid it, but hasn't returned yet!

'I think he said he hid it in a tall tree east of the Great Smials in Tuckborough. Could you go there and see what is taking him so long?'

Pervinca Took made the mistake of helping her cousins Isembard and Imbert play a trick on the aged Adelard Took. Pervinca sneaked off with the chapter he wrote for the Yearbook of Tuckborough, and Isembard hid it.

1. Pervinca thought her cousins Isembard and Imbert Took could be found near the Great Willow east of the Great Smials in Tuckborough.

Pervinca asked you to find her cousins Isembard and Imbert, who went to retrieve Adelard's chapter of the Yearbook, and see what is taking him so long.

2. Bring Adelard's chapter back to Pervinca Took in the Great Smials.

Having survived Isembard's grand idea for getting the satchel with Adelard's chapter down from the tree, you finally have the chapter in hand to bring back to Pervinca.



Related Quests:


Finder of Yearbooks OR 3 Mushroom Pie


You'll find Isembard and Imbert in this area

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