Level: 31

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'The Jorthkyn have always been a mystery of sorts; helping my people without asking for payment. I came here to live among them so that our people could know each other better.

'This group is all that remains of a hunting party from beyond the Ram Dúath. After crossing the pass, their First Hunter turned on them, throwing the party into chaos.

'I am still a stranger and not fully trusted, especially after this recent betrayal. I will need to gain their trust again. I understand their tribal totem is the aurochs. When the First hunter's group turned, they took one of the totem skulls. I have seen a totem shrine among the hills north-east from here. Collect this skull for me so that I might win the trust of the tribe.'

Ragnarr Hornsounder went to live among the Earth-kin, but a recent betrayal has made the Earth-kin distrustful.

The aurochs skull can be found in the Warg territory to the north-east of the Earth-kin camp.

In order to regain the trust of the Earth-kin, Ragnarr Hornsounder has asked you to collect an aurochs skull from the totem in the hills of eastern Nan Amlug and return it to him at the Earth-kin camp. A group of Wargs currently roam this territory.



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The auroch skull.



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