Level: 30

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Rollo Hamson in Buckland

Start: Any Novice Cook

Bestowal Dialogue:
Your dishes are delicious and filling, <player name>, and no one could ask for better. But that is no reason to stop improving your art!

Rollo Hamson is a cook of great skill somewhere in Buckland. His Home is quite Near to the Brandywine Bridge, and if you seek hime out he may have some advice for you.

Alf Goodcliff thinks you could be a craftsman of some skill and suggested you visit his friend Emerald Borings at the Craft-fair on the south side of Michel Delving.

Rollo Hamson is at his home in Buckland, quite near to the Brandywine Bridge.

A Novice Cook has told you that Rollo Hamson, a cook of great skill, may be able to teach you some of the techniques that will help your dishes become as good as they can be.

Talk to Rollo Hamson.

Welcome, <player name>, welcome! I have heard of you and your delicious meals, yes I have!

I can show you a thing or two, if you're willing to learn. I'll give you some of my finest recipes to practice on, and you're sure to master them before too long!

You can't keep using the same old ovens you've been using until now, though. Ovens of superior make can cook the food more thoroughly and are a requirement for truly delicious fare! I'll allow you access to these ovens, if you're willing to take my challenge...

Rollo Hamson is near the north-east corner of Buckland. He will give you the proficency, but you need to finish The Short Order Cook to gain use of the Superior Ovens.


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