Level: 40

Difficulty: Solo

Location: [Michel Delving]]

Start: Expert Cook

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You have blossomed into a cook of unparalleled skill and perception, Stip. You have learned hundreds of lessons relating to the preparation and serving of delicious meals, and those who sample your creations speak of their experiences loudly and often!

'You have exceeded my abilities in this area, and now I believe you are ready to learn from Pasco Grubb, renowned cook of Michel Delving, in the Shire.

'If he will agree to share with you his secrets, you may become an even greater cook than you are now, as difficult as that may be to imagine!'

In the kitchen you are unrivalled, and your creations delight the tastes of all who sample them.

1. Pasco Grubb is in Michel Delving in the Shire.

You have been told to speak with Pasco Grubb, master cook of the Shire, if you wish to better your techniques in the kitchen.

2. Pasco Grubb gave you the recipe and his notes on the preparation of a Roast of Heroes.

Pasco is waiting for you to collect the ingredients and prepare a Roast of Heroes he can sample...and by so doing judge whether you are worthy of further instruction.

3. Pasco Grubb is in Michel Delving, in the Shire.

Pasco Grubb is waiting for you to prepare a Roast of Heroes he can sample.


You do not have to fight the drakes and worms. You just have to take your time to scoot past them.

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