Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Your confidence and memory improve, Stip, and both are of great importance for a minstrel such as you. The more tales and songs you can remember and the greater the skill with which you relate them, the brighter will be your fate and that of your companions.

'There is an inn, a merry old inn, located in the town of Bree. The Prancing Pony, it is called, and its common room is often the haunt of minstrels and entertainers. The well-known minstrel Piper Prescott is often there of a time and is sure to have some advice for you.

'Look for Piper Prescott at the Pony, and you'll be a better minstrel for it, I'm sure.'

Dangerous lands and terrible monsters make for grand tales, but an experienced minstrel knows that a room full of skeptical listeners can be the most frightening chamber of all.

1. Piper Prescott, a renowned minstrel, is often within the common room of The Prancing Pony, in the town of Bree.

You have been told to seek the teaching of Piper Prescott, an adventuring minstrel of great ability.

2. Leland Underhill is probably at the West Gate of the town of Bree, about to set out for the hideout of some brigands.

Piper Prescott, a renowned minstrel, has asked you to help Leland Underhill and compose a song about your experience to sing in the common room of The Prancing Pony.

3. Piper Prescott is in the common room of The Prancing Pony, in the town of Bree.

Now that you have helped Leland Underhill, Piper Prescott will want to hear the tale.

4. The tables near Piper Prescott would be ideal places to sing your song.

Piper Prescott has told you to jump onto one of the tables near him and to sing your song for the company.

5. The people gathered in The Prancing Pony wait to give judgement on your performance of the "Tale of Leland's Lunch.'

You have sung your tale and await judgement.

6. Piper Prescott is in the common room of The Prancing Pony.

Piper Prescott is waiting to give his judgement on the performance of your song.



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