Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Elrohir

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Nan Tornaeth was once home to a great city of Rhudaur, but it fell into ruin in the great battles of long ago and has been largely reclaimed by the wilderness. Hill-men make their homes among the ruins, cursed still for their ancient betrayal.

'Calenthon set out with his falcon Malloval to search the ruins of Nan Tornaeth, but neither have returned. Find him and lend him what aid you may. It could be he has encountered some difficulty and cannot send word to us.

'Do you have a map of the wilderness? I will show you where Calenthon may be found. Look to the north-west of Thorenhad... there. Do you see there, by the 'T' in Nan Tornaeth? Look for him there, and happy fortune go with you.'

Many scouts were dispatched across the Trollshaws to keep watch for signs of evil, and the sons of Elrond want to know if anything has been found.

Calenthon was sent forth from Thorenhad to investigate the ruins of Nan Tornaeth, north-west of Thorenhad. Elrohir identified a likely location on your map: by the 'T' in Nan Tornaeth.

Elrohir has asked you to learn the fate of Calenthon, sent forth to scout Nan Tornaeth.



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