Level: 30

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Leigh Putnam of Trestlebridge has sent word from that embattled town seeking all those who can lighten the spirit even in the darkest of times -- a skill in truly great demand for the unfortunates who live under constant threat of Orc raiding-parties across the North Downs.

'Travel to Trestlebridge and see what you can do to aid in shoring up the defences of the town and lightening the grim mood of its people.'

Even when all hope seems to be gone, a worthy minstrel keeps his friends going despite the danger.

1. Leigh Putnam is in Trestlebridge, in the North Downs.

Leigh Putnam has sent out a call for minstrels to aid in lightening the mood of the embattled populace of Trestlebridge.

2. Leigh Putnam is in Trestlebridge in the North Downs.

Leigh Putnam is waiting to speak with you about travelling to a nearby cave to bring hope to the refugees hiding within and perhaps convince them to come to the relative safety of Trestlebridge.

3. Leigh Putnam is in Trestlebridge.

Leigh Putnam is waiting to speak with you about your recent adventure at the cave of refugees from the North Downs.



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