Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Gwindeth has agreed to speak with you, Stip, but do not misunderstand: she will only allow us to recover the Silithar if she believes that you are worthy of her trust and that Aragorn is ready for the burden that awaits him. She did not hesitate to rebuke him when he and I encountered her almost seventy years ago; I have no doubt that she would do so again, if it was in her mind.

'Speak to her with respect and do not seek to hide anything from her! The Blue Lady has lived in these lands for years uncounted, and she had patience only for the kings of Annúminas. It is said that Elendil consulted her often on various matters, and she grieved his passing.

'She lives at Gwindethrond, a cave in Western Emyn Uial, behind a clear waterfall that pours from the heights and feeds a shady pool at Rushingdale. You will need to circle the lake, for the pool is tucked among the hills on the far side of Nenuial. It will be a long journey, for Rushingdale is on the far side of Nenuial, west and slightly south even of Tinnudir.'

Calenglad spoke with Gwindeth about acquiring the Silithar for Aragorn, but she refused to agree without first meeting you.

The Blue Lady lives at Gwindethrond, a cave behind the waterfall at Rushingdale in the hills of western Emyn Uial on the far side of the lake, west and slightly south of Tinnudir.

Calenglad has arranged a meeting with Gwindeth and warned you to speak to her with respect and honesty. Only Gwindeth can grant you access to the Silithar needed by Aragorn.



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