Level: 36

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'There, I have finished the necklace, Stip. If you will bring this to Narlinn, I will be in your debt! You will find her at Thorenhad, the camp of the sons of Elrond located north-west of here, north of the bear dens.

'Narlinn believes that the maiden for whom I have been sighing is Faimir of Rivendell. She is lovely, and for a time I thought I loved her, but my time here in the wild has taught me that Narlinn is the one for whom my heart sings.

'Bring her this necklace with my fondest affection! I will stay here and continue my duties, though I will look forwards to rejoining Narlinn in peace when the dark times against which we must guard have passed.'

Arrod has prepared a necklace for the Elf-maid Narlinn with whom he is smitten.

1. Narlinn is at Thorenhad, the camp of the sons of Elrond located among the Bruinen Gorges, north of the bear dens.

Arrod has asked you to deliver the necklace to Narlinn, the Elf-maid who is the object of his devotion.

2. Arrod is at his vantage point high above the Bruinen Gorges, by an old set of ruins.

Narlinn has refused Arrod's gift and has sent you to return it to him.



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