Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Gwindeth

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Did you see the statues of noble Elendil that stand upon Tyl Ruinen, Messenger? One of them has been corrupted by the vile salamanders, tainted with dread ichor, and the other has been removed from its pedestal -- the statue itself has been lost.

'If you can restore both of the statues, I may be able to more readily judge your worth and the worthiness of Aragorn son of Arathorn. When both statues of mighty Elendil once more stand untroubled on the south-west and south-east shores of Tyl Ruinen, I will speak with you again on this matter.

'You will need a cleansing draught of some kind to restore the statue the salamanders have ruined. Elves have come to the Eavespires, far to the north and east of Rushingdale, where a stream flows into the lake; they may prepare such a draught for you. I do not know where you may find the missing statue.'

Gwindeth told you that two statues of Elendil stood on the islands of Tyl Ruinen: one corrupted by the salamanders and the other lost.

1. Two statues of Elendil once stood on the south-east and south-west shores of Tyl Ruinen, but one statue has been corrupted by salamanders and the other statue is missing. The Eavespires are far to the north and east of Rushingdale.

Gwindeth wants you to restore two statues of Elendil on Tyl Ruinen. Some Elves at the Eavespires may be able to prepare a cleansing draught for the corrupted statue. Gwindeth does not know where the missing statue may have ended up or in what condition it may be.

2. The Blue Lady is in Gwindethrond, behind the waterfall at Rushingdale in western Emyn Uial, south-west of Tyl Ruinen.

You have restored the two statues of Elendil on Tyl Ruinen, as Gwindeth requested, and should return to her with the news.



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Messenger's Cloak OR Curugarab OR Gwindeth's Greatsword