Level: 37

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Evendim


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Well, we must not let life's day to day upsets get to us, Stip. There may not be boars in Evendim, but they say there are a great number of bears throughout the hills of Tyrn Fornech, and especially at Nan Orngon to the east.

'Bear-steaks, while still delicious, are certainly no match for a sizzling boar-steak. My friend Ronald Dwale once went on at great length about the similarities between those two words, you know, "boar" and "bear," but I must confess that I do not share his same love for words. Words are often an inconvenience and get in the way when you are trying to express get to the real meat of an idea, if you will.

'The meat in question here, for example, is certainly a choice cut of bear-meat! Bring me back several cuts, and I will share them with some of my neighbours. There will be a bit of coin in it for you, as well, and we can mourn the absence of boar over a delicious bear-steak. How does that sound?'

Parr Chopley has decided that he will make do with some delicious bear-steaks instead, since Evendim seems to have a striking absence of boars.

1. Bears roam the hills of Tyrn Fornech and can especially be found at Nan Orngon, east of Ost Forod.

Parr Chopley has asked you to bring him choice cuts of bear-meat from the bears that roam Tyrn Fornech.

2. Parr Chopley is in the old watch-post of Ost Forod, in the hills of Tyrn Fornech, west of Nan Orngon.

You have collected several choice cuts of bear-meat and should bring them to Parr Chopley.


Pair this up with Ballard Wilmer And The White Warg - as both creatures are in the same area.

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