Level: 33

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Greetings, traveller. I must ask your aid, for my tribe cannot help me. I am preparing the Suuri-lehmä for war, but I am not prepared myself.

'My brother stands across from me, armed with the weapons of Angmar, his mind filled with their lies. I have not been able to speak with him since this rift grew between my people and the Rauta-lehmä, who serve Angmar. I do not know where my brother's heart truly lies, whether he is torn within, as am I.

'I cannot lead my people to war while this doubt gnaws at me! Take this message to Oskari - he is somewhere within the Rauta-lehmä encampment at the place called Fashat Laug, well to the east of here. Perhaps he and others may yet be convinced to return to us before the end.'

The two factions of the Earth-kin -- the free Suuri-lehmä and the Rauta-lehmä, who serve Angmar -- are preparing for war. Iivari, the War-master of the Suuri-lehmä, and his brother Oskari have found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

1. Oskari is somewhere among the camps of the Rauta-lehmä at Fashat Laug in the eastern North Downs.

Iivari has given you a message to take to his brother Oskari. Iivari hopes that his words may be able to sway his brother and others of the Earth-kin to return to the Suuri-lehmä.

2. Iivari is in the Suuri-lehmä encampment, west of Fashat Laug.

Oskari refused his brother's plea and gave you a rune to take back to Iivari.



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Iivari is located back in the Earth-kin camp