Level: 40

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I am worried for my friend, Stip, but I fear there is not much that can be done for him. He is no Elf, neither is he Man, dwarf, nor hobbit. The friend I speak of is Arifael, and he is a giant. Gailthin was ever friendly with the giants, and she often took me with her to visit Arifael.

'Whether it was his kindness to the Elves or some other reason, the rest of his kin were displeased with Arifael, and he sought seclusion. He found shelter in a vale to the south across the High Moor, on the slopes of Amon Nendir, but scouts report hostile giants in the area, and I fear for my old friend's safety. Please seek him out and make sure that he is well!

'The vale is very dangerous, and if the wrong sort of giants are seeking to cause trouble for Arifael, you will wish you had brought allies with you.'

Elf-scouts spotted giants moving out of the Misty Mountains, where Ringhul fears they may threaten Arifael, a giant who has been friendly to Elves over the years.

1. Arifael, a giant and friend to the Elves, may be in danger at his home on the slopes of Amon Nendir, south of the High Moor.

Ringhul has asked you to protect his giant friend Arifael from his hostile kin.

2. Ringhul is in Rivendell, waiting for news of his giant friend Arifael.

You found Arifael hidden in the hills overlooking the valley south of the High Moor, but were forced to fight to defend him from enemy giants.



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The friendly giant.